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Hi im using brooklyn theme i want to change the size of collection image to square size Width:400px Height400px this is the current status &nbs...
Hi I created button on the product page for the contact page i only wants to show this button for specific products i want use tag to do this Tag is custom ...
Hi i have question about Shipping and fulfillment 1, calculate the weight of the products and parts in the cart (there is a file for each part and weight) 2. Fedex price lists a...
Hi im creating webshop using debut theme i was adding menu but i didnt need this menu so I deleted from Navigation menu but its still showing on Website i want to delete the currenc...
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@oscprofessional Hi I tried code agiain it worked !!for the mobile layout of button is good for the pc how do i make this side by side ?this is layout Button1 button 2
Hi I was creating my store by launch themeat the cart pageProduct image and Font is okaybut when it comes to the mobile font is too big and the product image is smallI've managed the change the size of font but regardless of the product imageI don't ...
@pioneer100 I know HTML and css but Java script I know how it works but not at good at coding For the button of design I’m thinking to use same design of product to page 
@pioneer100 Thanks for the message i know it’s took lot of time but let’s work together 
@oscprofessional hi i tried that code but it didn’t work  
I created store on Launch ThemeI want to setup continue shopping button-cart pagefor the mobile I want to setup button like this  this is websitehttps://shop.smartstarch.co.jp/
Hi Shopify community i created store on Launch Theme i have struggling setup add to cart button and dynamic check out button on collection page i want to setup button in this page https://shop.smartstarch.co.jp/collections/allLooking for the reply ! 
@diego_ezfy I already found the solution but thanks for the support @gina-gregory thats solution worked !!Thanks 
@KetanKumar Thanks for the support all the time !i really appreciate your help 
@中山拓 中山さんもしかしたら、header.liquidの中にカートのアイコンを変えられると思います。<a href="{{ routes.cart_url }}" class="header-cart-btn cart-toggle"> <img src="{{ 'cartImg.png' | asset_url }}" alt="{{ shop.name }}" itemprop="logo"> {{ 'layout.cart.cart' | t }...
@KetanKumar hi ketan this is the collection list PC  Smart phone  i want to make 1 collection on line
@Izawa_Takahiro 補足ですが、Boldのapiを利用すれば、可能だと思います。ですが、boldのプランを変更できないと使用できない仕様になっております。
@Kei2 はじめまして私もクライアントの案件でboldのカスタマイズを行ってました。Shopify PaymentsかStripeしか現状は使えないです。もしamazon payや他の決済の導入に関しましては、Boldのapiを使用して可能です。ですが、その際にBoldのアプリのプランを変更しないと使用できないです。 
@KetanKumar Hi Ketan its me again im using responsive theme i try to insert your code but it doesn’t work this is my store url https://eco-luluca.com/password is bleemplooking for your reply Hikaru
Hi i created the store by launch theme i want to move to cart page when push add to cart button this is store url https://shop.smartstarch.co.jp/products/smartstarch-1pack
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