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You are spending a huge amount of money driving traffic for your e-commerce store; however, the transaction is slightly improved, the audiences leave your site after a few seconds without purchasing ...
Hi, I am Linh from 2B I/O. I want to share this not-so-good experience with you guys during the development of our app Super Effects. It's been almost a year with our developers' best efforts to ...
Today, I want to share with you why we should have a blog. WordPress must be the popular blogging platform that you encounter when preparing for marketing campaigns. However, not all external ...
Upselling is one of the most common ways to boost AOV for your Shopify store. If done well, you will witness incredibly rocketing revenues and build up strong relationships with your beloved customer...
With tons of users over 175 nations, Shopify is currently holding a firm position in the business market. The easiness of customization and a great number of potential customers enable Shopify to bec...
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Have you ever wondered why all businesses from small to large have an accounting department, and why all business transactions need to be collected and recorded? Let's learn about the importance of reports in online business and how to create useful ...
Shopify is powerful - it has outweighed Wix, Weebly or BigCommerce and only ranked after WooCommerce in the top list of e-commerce websites. However, Shopify is just a start to have a thriving business - you must optimize the page speed so that viewe...
For example, a POD store uses the Super Watermarks app to protect product images
Using a print-on-demand service might be easier than managing your own inventory, but there are some considerations unique to this approach that you should be aware of. Luckily, for most of the challenges, you’ll face, there are creative solutions.1....
@Topsmart  Have you tried these apps yet?
Think back to last year’s holiday shopping season (I know, it was a simpler time). How’d you make out? Even if you spent the holiday season high fiving anyone who crossed your path over your incredible success, this year we’re going to help you top i...
Super effects can help us so I don't need code
Hi, have you used the app yet and how do you feel? Really looking forward hi
Hi @harveythomas,Did Super Watermarks solve your issue?
Thank you so much @harry-kewell Super effects made my store attract a large number of traffics.
Hi,Do not know you've found the app to solve this problem yet? You can try this one https://apps.shopify.com/super-watermarksI used it for my store to batch add my logo or sticker to product imagesHope you can solve your problem.
Hello, I accidentally saw a store with snow and falling flowers. Can anyone suggest which app I should use?Thank you so much
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