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Trying to create some buttons in my themes style for my help page. here is the code i come up with so far.. <div class="grid__item small-up--three-quarters small-up--push-three-eighth"> <...
I'd really like to add a small description for discount codes on my checkout page below the discount title. Any ideas or help doing this would be greatly appreciated. I'm using the streamline...
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Hey do you know how i'd so this using the steamline theme?what code would i change in Assets/theme.jsi've asked the question here..https://community.shopify.com/c/technical-q-a/show-currency-code-after-price-streamline-theme/m-p/2236232 but no one ha...
I'm still looking for some help if anyone has any ideas, i would be very appreciative.Here's a thread I've found where someone has answered how to do this on the Debut theme, but i cannot figure out how to do it on Streamline theme.  https://communit...
I have done this. That isn't my issue. The currency code disappears when I select a different variant. I have explained in detail on the post what I'm trying to achieve, which is to keep the currency code displayed even when I select a new variant.  ...
I'm using the Streamline theme and have changed some code in my product-template.liquid from {{ current_variant.price | money }} to {{ current_variant.price | money_with_currency }}This enabled me to see the currency ISO, but now i'm experiencing an ...
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