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Hello All I would like to know if it is possible to change my location of size identifiers on the Debut Theme to the attached location? currently it is the typical drop down type when you go...
Question for my fellow store Owners, I drop ship from 2 very large suppliers and I am wondering if it would be a good move or bad move to let my customers know who those suppliers are?? <y thinkin...
Is there someone who can make this change for me in the Codes? I am not comfortable changing codes just yet. I would greatly appreciate it. Bat-flip.myshopify.com Http;//batflipshop.com
Hello Everyone In so many words, HELP! I have done everything I can think of and still no sales. I have and are still doing adds on FB, Instagram, Pinterest , Google etc. I have added just about eve...
Hi All I have done a ton of work on my store and need some new feedback. Lots of traffic but few sales ( 1100 visits this month so far) what do you see that I’m not to get sales rolling ?
I have spent a ton of time building my store and making sure it functions correctly. Have Facebook ads with lots of traffic but still no sales. I ask that you be honest and open , I can handle critic...
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The only way to stop this action is to block the IP address, this can also be a pain due to scammers use multiple IP addresses. If you have a visitor replay app installed that shows you the city it is coming from you can use a country/state/city bloc...
If you can avoid using Paypal do it!! they are a joke. They say they hold the funds to protect both seller and buyer, explain to me how this protects me as a seller! the customer still gets their product with money out of my pocket due to PayPal hold...
Hi AllFor the past 2 weeks, I have been getting an odd number of store visits on showing up on the live view from Columbus Ohio. It is very odd that they are still getting past the blocker for a few seconds due to the delay but it is always either wh...
Anyone get a answer from Shopify on this issue? I’ve done anything and everything to get the app to load on my watch and it just sits there “ loading “ 
Hi Ryder When I click on manage product the list in the pop up does not have all my product, is there a way to correct this ?
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