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Hello community, We've been trying hard to get closer to it, And it seems Google is putting very harsh ranks on PageSpeed Insights or Google Lightouse, with ecommerce websites (not apps). What are...
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most D2C brands know what they wanna make, before, it is not always the case but often it answers some quind of need or style.
hey, you have created the backbone so this is a shopify "shop", but after you have more important matters like what i sell, and i how design that? big questions every brand has,have fun with shopify,
Google crawl and acknowlege is often about page views. Usually more than 1K per month to be refererenced something.
page / product builder is top left or center on all to change page
Hi, go into the theme editor, then page/product builder.Have fun,
The best advice i can to you is to learn CSS. It will learn you how and why there are spaces overall. We us use that as a technique in according to screen size.Good luck to learn,
Hi, It needs a little work but this is quite easy to work/automate with Shopify. Do you know what variants are ?
@rahuljain usually i use only one report in report pundit, this is sales by product type, then you might have other uses  
Well I advise you to put an indian excellant app (Report Pundit) it's all about import metrics like LTV so on.Have fun with Shopify,
Hi, we talk and design subpar 1 second design. In general what we do is below 1 sec for all processes (and a goal). Have fun with Shopify,
Well this times are usually slower than any ecommerce software, It's also easy to compare from USA, times are usually way up in EU. Salesforces / Demandware is a slower like hell lol.Have fun with Shopify,
Hello,You have no chance of getting higer than 40, because Shopify is not well ranked in it. That being said, a decently maid Shopîfy shop is around 30. Depends page, have fun, (using Google CDN not Amazon one)
Hello again,Well if your Shopify theme is well made it will do most of the work automatically (resize for smartphones so on). You just need to compress images to 72/92 DPI before.After depends what you want to do, for social maybe you'll want to tran...
@AnirbanRoy Hello, most of it was said by @oscprofessional.Usually it takes a quite experienced web-developer like me, or js-coder or frontend-coder to see what's wrong in theme files.That's why most of us stay away from bloated themes, themes that l...
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