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You to get this sorted ASAP!
Hi, thanks for your reply The site is 
Hi! I am setting up a subscription for physical products and have stumbled on some problems. We are now using TIMO subscriptions - and in checkout the customer is only given 1 shipment option instead of dynamic shipping options (Mail box, pick up loc...
Hi Did you find a solution? Can anybody else help with this?
Hi Pierre Did you find a way to do this? I also need the same thing Eirik
Hi I didn't quite get this to work, i am not sure if i got it all right.Could you publish the whole code at once and also where the code is supposed to go? Thanks
Hi, thanks for your code. The solution however covers the logo on mobile view. Could you offer a solution where only a search icon is shown instead?  Thanks
@SmallTask I send you an email  
@oscprofessional Hi. This is my desktop view attached. I wish for the same menu on desktop as on mobile. Did we misunderstand eashother?   
Hi I have attached how the theme looks on mobile. If you use the preview link and scale down the site you can also view it "live". So what i am after is using the same menu on desktop  Thanks  
Hi I have been in contact with the author of the theme, Add to cart buttons cannot be added to the home page/front page of the shop. This is hard for me to believe.  I was able to post a string of code to give me a add to cart button, but this also g...
Hi I am looking to have the mobile menu as a menu on desktop also, since our shop has to many collections to make the mega menu effective.I hope someone has a solution.Here is a link to a preview of the site, that is still not publishedhttps://norweg...
Hi Thanks for your code. On our website it adds a search box that covers the logo. Is there a way to only show an icon instead? Venture theme. Thanks
Thanks!This worked perfectly! I have a question - is it possible to move i to the bottom of the mobile screen, always visible?This would make it more easy to search for the customerHope you can help. ThanksEirik
Hi allWe use DHL for shipping internationally, and we have some customers on US Virgin Islands. DHL says it is wrong in their systems when the customer has added their address as United states (Country) and U.S. Virgin Islands (State).So how can I ed...
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