We're starting this Black Friday sales with good deals! I've just received coupons from Ali Reviews app and thought I should share with you guys It's providing 10% and 20% off for Starter and Premiu...
I'm creating a store to sell things for Christmas and am looking for tools which can be helpful to gain sales for beginner. Do you know any apps? Prefer apps providing coupon and deals in this BFCM! ...
What apps are you guys using to translate your store? I'm planning to target oversea market and looking for a good translation app for my store.
Hi guys! I've just started and am looking for tools which can help target customers and reduce abandoned cart. Looking for your recommendation. Thanks much!
Hi guys! I'm looking for a cheap and simple SMS marketing tool for beginner. Any recommendation? Thank you so much!
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Hi! I like an app that can add product reviews on store homepage. Do you have any ideas?    
I'm trying to showcase testimonials via a slider and have not had much success finding the right piece of code that responds well. Do you know how to create slider of testimonials? Many thanks!
I'm in trial time of Judge.me app. It's good and inexpensive, but then I realize that Judge.me can't auto update reviews which is a big disadvantage for me.  I have to re update reviews one by one by myself, very time wasting. So I came here looking ...
Hi everyone! My store loading speed was stable until I switched into Basel theme. And now it becomes slower. Since I don't have any experiences in coding, I need you helping me to fix these issues. It affects my page performance and my customer exper...
Are there any translation apps besides WeGlot. I use this app but I have to edit and translate everything myself. Machine translates all text wrong so I have to correct everything. I have no ideas where all the problems come from. So I'm looking for ...
Hi everyone! I've been doing on email marketing for 2 months but the open rate is not high. Can you recommend me other tools which can approach more customers and increase conversion rate? Thanks much! 
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