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Hi!I just noticed today that the sort by menu is not working on my online store. I'm not sure how long this has been the case though. Today I edited some code in my store so it displays the current stock levels on my product pages but I don't know if...
Hi! On the product page there is a box for Track inventory. Check that and set the item amount to one. I don't think they automatically disappear from your store once they are sold but show up as sold out. There are free apps to clear your store of s...
Hello, @Brie Yes, I'm currently using the app for multiple listings. I'll contact the app developers if they have a solution to this before trying to delete the app to save a lot of hassle if they are able to help me.
The problem is not with creating the discount, it is with the cart not updating correctly. I changed the theme (which I was planning to do anyway and got the customization done today) and now it works a bit better I guess. If I add the 3 items straig...
Hello, @Brie I think I found the culprit which causes the problem. I recently installed the Infinite Product Options app by HulkApps and did a bit of research. On their sites FAQ they say that the Ajax cart might cause the problem and as an answer te...
Oh weird now it shows the correct price for me too when I got to the checout page. I'm using the Simple theme and no, I have not added any custom coding to the cart page. When I upload the page the correct price "flashes" in the screen but is quickly...
Hi!I have a little problem with the Buy X get Y automatic discount and I'm not sure if I'm making some sort of mistake or if the discount is bugging.I want to get the discount as: buy 3 products but pay for 2. So for example if my customer buys 3 con...
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