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Hi all, I was wondering if there's a way to change the testimonial icons to 5 stars instead of the quotations (see below)? Thanks, Daniel
Hi all, I'm wondering if there's a way I can amend the Collection titles on my home page. Currently, the titles sit in the middle of the image, but visually this looks very busy. I'm looking to see ...
Hi there, I'm looking to amend the title alignment for one of the 'Text Columns with Images' section of my store. The default alignment is left for both the title and main content. I would prefer t...
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Sure, it's: — password is 'freelancer'Someone on Reddit alluded to creating all of the variants as separate products and then using some kind of script to setup the dropdown menu in a way that changes the product when se...
Hi all,I'm using the Studio theme for a website. My main product focus is greetings cards. For each product, the artwork stays the same but the text can vary from a pre-defined list of recipients (variants). For example, a card might have a picture o...
I mean sure, @solverStaff, feel free to quote me. Anyone else got anything?
Hi all,I keep getting the above error on my store's 'Store' page.The page will load for a couple of seconds and then will refresh with the error in the title.Has anyone had this/know the solution?I think it's a similar problem to this albeit with a d...
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