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Does anyone have update on this?  It is creating confusion for customers.
Update - to make it dynamic, I was able to use this for product variantdata-pp-amount= "{{ variant.price | money_without_currency | remove: "," | divide_by: 100 }}"and this for cart totaldata-pp-amount="{{ cart.total_price | money_without_currency | ...
Can anyone help answer this, please.When it says to change the "ENTER_VALUE_HERE" to 89.00.  This is a specific number.  The total cart amount is not use to show the 4 payments amount.  It use the amount I inserted like $100.Shouldn't this be generic...
Hello jknaturkosmetikYes, I was able to get this solved by using an App called Metafields Guru by 256 Development.  The Free plan was sufficient to do what I need.  Easy install and setup.  Hope this helps you.
Thank you Pallavi.  It is Retina Theme (Out of the Sandbox).  My URL is Any suggestions would be great.Thank you
I am trying to add a brief description at the top of each collection page and more details at the bottom.  It needs to be unique for each collection.  I tried to search but could not find anything that is helping so far. I am using Retina Theme.I wou...
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