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Rather strangely on our website, we have the following text coming up over the hero image: Is there a way to remove this as I'm not sure how it got there! ...
Hi there, Our website ( would like to adjust the two gallery sections on our homepage to fit the narrower container rather than cover the full width of the page. Could anyo...
Hi there, Breadcrumbs were installed onto our website ( but they are proving not particularly useful and interrupt the design of the website. I've tried to remove breadcrumb...
Is it possible to use the thumbnail image for collections but not have them stretched as a banner image on the collection page?
Hi there, I'm looking to add product selection tables to my website to allow customers to navigate much easier. These tables are landscape and with the default page setting as portrait t...
Hi there, Was hoping for some assistance in adding my business' contact details into the header, similar to the business on the following link (which I believe is also using the Debut theme):&...
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Went through this with Shopify's Tech Support with the answer as follows: - Open the CSV file in text document such as 'Notepad'- Each line is numbered (indicated in the bottom left hand corner)- The error messages refer to these text lines, not line...
Hi there,  When importing our latest product update we received the following error message when importing:  What do the line parameters refer to (eg. line 1010-1059)? We only have 839 rows in the table, so I'm not sure where these errors are occurri...
Fantastic. This solution worked a treat, Thank you LitCommerce 
Hi there,  Our website ( has a series of blogs with information for potential clients. We are in the process of looking to improve our ranking through google, which includes adding Meta Titles and Descriptions for our blog. When we...
Should anyone require this type of worth in the future, thanks to Suyash who helped with this:Firstly, it needs to be the article template that needs to be duplicated (including the copy and paste of the code). Once done, search for this text: <artic...
Really appreciate your help but is there anyway you can break the steps up to make it more simple for me? Much appreciated
Thanks Suyash. Think I prefer option 1. What would i need to do for this:Assume I'd need to duplicate the blog page template and rename.What is the CSS I'd need to change to make the container full width? Anything else?
Hi there, Hoping this is an easy one to assist with: page using debut theme. For our product selection guides, we have a custom page template that spans the full width of the page that allows us to add horizontal tables. An example...
Should have worked that out myself rather than putting it into the hero snippet. Thank you kindly for your help, very good of you. 
Lixon,Thanks for spotting that extra div. That solved the issue. In terms of the code, I'm still not sure where I place:.hero__inner > { margin-top: 40px}Which line would you paste the code on your last screenshot? Hopefully that sho...
Lixon_louis, Amazing help so far, what you've suggested has placed the search bar in the hero image - a great result so thank you. A couple of minor issues as a result:Firstly, there doesn't seem to be any padding between the subtitle text and the se...
Thanks for the response Ketan, ideally I'd want something looking like the following, though proportions etc. looking better than my quick mockup:
Hi there,  Our business would like to have a sticky search bar on top of the hero image on the website. We are currently using the debut theme. Any ideas on how best to do this?Many Thanks 
Shopify does has some basic breadcrumb functionality (see here but I had some real struggles with it using the Debut theme. Basically you're forced to nest hierarchies of products through...
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