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I am Developing Shopify POS returns with NetSuite. When a Order that has had an Exchange performed against it, there is a 2nd order created from the original Order for the exchange. When the Original...
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Hi Shopify, Can Anyone with Shopify Team know when this will become a Feature, like all other Sites with Variation Products, Child items can be inactivated, and could really use the STATUS to control the children on the Front end like the Main Parent...
@Daelan_Wood  Looks like the Refund endpoint Still has ZERO Information to tell what what items that were added were part of the Exchange (Refund) to accurately be able to handle the Specifics when it comes to needing to know what items were original...
Hi Daelan,I got this from Partner Support  I have heard back from our API team in regards to your community forum post. To start, we have extensive docs which outline every endpoint in great detail and often includes examples, and we announce all of ...
Hi All, Shopify API team, I was curious why Gift Card API is a Locked Endpoint for Private APPs to only Shopify Plus Members? Also why in the API it is not possible to get the Full Gift Card Code VIA API. Integration Partners could really use the API...
ALSO, When Payments are Part of the exchange, how to differentiate them from the original Order Payments. Had a New Exchange Workflow Paid with Card and Gift Card, but No Direct separate Payment array for the Payments Taken as part of the exchange VS...
Another BIG issue is when a SINGLE Exchange also has customer Refunded money it reports in two separate Refund IDs. When it should all be contained in 1 Refund ID for the Single Exchange including the transactions refunded. 1 Exchange with Refund of ...
Hello All and Shopify When will Shopify start to list STATUS for Child Variation Item, so the Children can still be on the Variation but not show on the Front end if needed. This would be a great feature to please install with API control just like t...
Hello Shopify,@Agil Recently Shopify Pushed out NEW v2 POS Workflow, changing from Exchanges Creating NEW order for the exchange with exchange Credit to Performing on the Same order. API wise this Produced no API information about the FULL Exchange a...
Hello,  I have gotten request to be able to access Shopify Payments through API to charge for the amount of an order NOT in shopify, but for an order checkout on another Platform.  Need to know if this is possible and how?
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