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Hey there! I realize this thread is a bit old but I run The Shop Calendar app ( I built it to allow Shopify store owners to create an events calendar with unlimited events and a nice interface. I've tried t...
Hey - realize this thread may be a bit old. But I run The Shop Calendar app ( I've built a Google integration directly into the app so all you have to do is upload the public .ics URL that Google gives you....
Yo chris - 5 minutes later and i've got it lol. They changed the way app-bridge loads in completely. place this script as the first thing in your HTML head: <meta name="shopify-api-key" content="{{ api key here }}" /> <script src="https://cdn.shopify...
i've been using "" as my main app-bridge script. i've tried implementing ui-nav-menu but cannot get it working. i've placed it in my `head` but for some reason it gets placed into my app body and actually render...
ugh thank you for this! i spent so many hours trying to debug why some of the webhooks would not authenticate but nobody could answer me.
Hey Everyone,This should help you out: generates an HTML Sitemap that lives at and it updates whenever you update content within your website. So you don't nee...
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