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Hi Guys I've been having an issue with my Google feed being pulled down for price mismatch. For the below page Google is reading the price as 33.99 instead of 109.99
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Hi, yeah I assign the template and save it.It then looks fine.When I log on the next day it has reverted back to the Default.
Hi I have created custom product page templates in my Refresh theme. I save the product page tenmplates and they work. When I come back to the site the next day the product pages have reverted to the default template. Any idea why this would happen? ...
Hi GuysHow's it going?When you add something to cart on a mobile screen then the cart button in the header stops working.Anyone got any ideas on how to fix?
Thanks Paul, guess the best way to get a developer to sort?ThanksTom
Hi I'm building out new sections using the Dawn theme, does anyone know how to get bullet points into the image with text section. I'll attach a screenshot and highlight the area to show you want I mean.  Thanks so much Tom
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