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Sorry, I wasn't total clear what I wanted This metafield is created in app Forms. This metafield value is what I want to ad to the Customer Account Note
Yes,I do  Where do I place?
I would like to save metafield value from customer_fields.btw_nummer to Customer note
I can only enable the Payment icons in the footer.FYI, I'm using theme Motion version 10.4.0 
Hi Makkaomakka,Thanks for your responseI'm using Motion version 10.4.0 and our store is tattoomed.nl 
Hi Sahil,Thank for reaching out.Our store tattoomed.nl
Hey Shopify brains,I would like to show the colorized payment icons in the product template. Can this be done in a Block?
Hey Tech brains,I use the theme MotionHow can I add the icon in the button "Add to cart"?So, it will look like this     Add to cart'icon' Thanks!!  
Hi @websensepro<, Hope you can help me. I used your coding   The hamburger menu is in the header but also menu. How can I fix this? Looking forward to your reply!
 I like to show my collection 'B2B Shop' to customers with the tag 'b2b-Klant' onlyand hide my collection 'B2C Shop' for customers with tag 'b2b-Klant'Can anyone create this code and tell me where to place this, please? Looking forward to your replay...
Hi Zaczee,  Thanks! Can you tell where to place this code, please?
Hey Tech brains, Would it be possible to hide a B2C collection and show only a B2B collection with a customer B2B tag? Thanks, Joost
Does anyone have a code for a looping slider in the announcement bar?
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