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Thank you, I probably will need some help. I've never added someone as staff and not sure how to do it but I have approved people who requested permissions.
Thank you. Yes, I'm using Palo Alto but I'm not a developer. I guess I need to contact the Palo Alto developer.
The main picture for my product shows but none of the others do. It was working perfectly before and I haven't made any changes recently. I'm not sure when the issue started as I just noticed it today.
I've having the same problem. The images on my product pages don't show (only the thumbnails).
Thank you for the solution. Could you please explain where I can find the product structured data file?
Same problem as well. It started after updating to the 2.0 theme.
Thank you. My problem is the same. It became an issue when I set thevariations at different prices and used the "compare price".
Did you find the answer to this? I have the same problem. Thanks
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