Hi, I got this message from Google Ads: "100% of ecomm_prodid values received don't match your feed " as a reason why the advertising campaign doesn't work. I am not a pro...
Hi, I am looking for a web designer/design solution. It will be a shopping platform. Local sellers can register there and add their products. Is it possible to do on shopify?
Hi, I have a resolution issue with the website on mobiles. [ www.sweetfit.co.uk ] Please see my main page on mobile. After clicking: VIEW MORE at the end (please check smartwatches) it changes the ...
Hi, How to change the font style in Minimal Theme? I can't see the option in the customizing window 1. In the footer? 2. When the category is selected? .
Hi, When I want to add Facebook pixel, it links me to setting up Facebook account. This is where I struggle... My Business Manager ID on facebook is different than on shopify. What more, 2 ac...
Hi, I would like to upload reviews of my products from website that is not popular on Shopify - www.opinieo.pl Do you have any app to do that? What is the easiest way to get the comments in my sho...
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Hi,Thank you for your reply. This option removes the bubble I would like to keep  is there any chance to identify where the second one comes from, what is the source of this messenger bubble? 
Hi,I have 2 messenger contact options in my store. Can someone help me how to remove the second chat?I was able to identify the source of 1. bubble chat, but couldn't find anything about no. 2. Can you please help me identify and switch the second ch...
Lovely, it works  thank you
Hi,I tried to import products by cvs and failed with an error:Invalid CSV header: missing headersI was using the template. Can you please check my cvs and tell me what went wrong? Many thanks! https://filebin.net/i013el71hw3dzddw 
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