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you can probably find that one in Google  however this will get you started:@ryeung316 wrote:This was perfect! Thanks for the code. Is there a way to show 14px font on DESKTOP but only 10px font on MOBILE?@ryeung316 wrote:This was perfect! Thanks fo...
if you can't target it anymore, like i had the issue with the new version of the terms, you can select the previous <div> class name and add +div, which selects the div after the mentioned one. In my case, I used the class for the payment button and ...
Weird, yes i still don't know when it works or not  But glad the manual solution is working!
thank you  seems that Dawn support them well now directly from the dynamic content menu as well 
The above solution works well, so if it is not clear:1. get your metafield full namespace and key2. then add ".value" at the end of it like so in my case: product.metafields.my_fields.tab_content_2.value 3. add the usual liquid brackets before and af...
since the code is different for each theme it's not easy to know, you will want to check all sections mentioned in your template file, like this one:{%- section 'product-template' -%}  and so forth. One simple trick is to add a small text (just like ...
this one might be even a bit more dynamic : {{ product.selected_or_first_available_variant.price | money_without_currency }} 
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