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Hey @itshopifier,You could use the Shopify GraphQL Storefront API for this one - has a method to login a user in and get an access token in return, this could then be used to access details about t...
Hey @Wassimghotmeh ,You could set this up with the CarrierService API - allows you to provide real time rates at checkout 
Hey @WebContrive ,If you open up the Developer Tools in your browser, open the Network tab and click into the request that is failing you should be able to see the reason why.
Unfortunately it looks like the visit data API has been removed (, however you could easily add in something like Google Analytics and then read the data from here. It will track these typ...
Hey @joyouceusa If you jump into "Customise theme" you should see on the left hand side a list of "blocks". At a guess you probably have two newsletter ones. Simply click into the second one and then click "Delete" / "Remove".
Hey @Greenskingames,You can do this using the Ajax Cart API. allows you add products to the cart without leaving the page. You could set it up so it only shows for products which have one variant through ...
Hey @coco44,I don't believe the captcha page can be disabled unfortunately.If you want to add some space, you can apply some CSS styling to the class shopify-challenge__container.If you add some padding or a margin to the bottom of that you'll be abl...
@sezhang I'm not 100% sure but I would imagine this is due to the actual cart itself being in the currency which is set on the store, and the ability to get the converted price is more for display purposes. Not 100% certain on that however.
Hey @YuriiTyvodar,I actually do a lot of work in this area. I'd tackle this using Shopify's webhooks + the API. Effectively the way it would work is whenever a product's inventory level is updated on Shopify (via a transaction etc) you'd receive a me...
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