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Honestly, I am having an issue with this also and don't see a solution in the link you provided.   I'm having the Free shipping default in and then after the customer adds in the discount rate.  Even if the total has fallen below the free shipping th...
This is ridiculous this hasn’t been addressed by Shopify! There’s no reason an app should be required for this easy fix and obvious error (limitation). 
How has this not been addressed yet. We often have mistaken selections to "add to a previous order" because it is first on the list and defaulted.  Brutal Shopify can't address this simple request. 
You click the link and the first thing it asks to fill in all your information.  If it is legit it is pretty absurd for us to trust an email that looks exactly like a phishing email then the first step is to enter all your personal information.  I'm ...
I got this email this morning also.  I have got to say I am not comfortable clinking any link on that email. It looks like a total phishing email to me.  When this is addressable through my Shopify sellers console I will be comfortable responding to ...
Same here.  I’ll even BCC myself I will get it but the customer will not and it’s not in their spam either.  It’s been happening more often and I’m losing business because of it.  Please help. Usually If I resend it then it will get to the customer. ...
This is driving me crazy also.  Anyone find a solution?
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