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Hi there,  Could someone help to know how to have shorter URLs for blogs? Using the Dawn theme.  Currently, they look like this And it would be nice ...
Hi @AvadaCommerce  Thanks heaps for your reply! I want it like the second one! In the theme, it gives the first one as the default option. Thank you! 
Hi there, Would someone help me with the code to have these types of share buttons(or something similar) on my product page(Dawn theme)?  Thanks very much in advance!  
Hi @LitCommerce  @DelightCart  I think I worked it out! This is the code I ended up using after playing around for hours. Not sure this was the best and the correct way! but it looks alright. If you know a better one please let me know! Cheers!  .lis...
Hi @LitCommerce  Thank you for the message! Really appreciate! However, it's still the same!  Thanks! 
Thank you for your reply @DelightCart It's myvividmelbourne.myshopify.comPW: abc1243* Really appreciate your help!
Hi there, So the new theme for my store(Dawn) was all set to release and this happened last night.  I added a pop-up link to my product page and tried to decrease the top and below gaps in the pop-up link. All I did was play with the section-main-pro...
Legend! Thanks so much, mate! It worked! 
Hello Everyone! I'm trying to have a full-width header for my upcoming store(using Shopify Dawn Theme) and really struggling to find the code for it. I only need the header to have the full width and keep the body as it is. Need the logo to be pushed...
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