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Hey @sbponson,I'd be happy to discuss solutions with you if interested. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you would like a demo of our product.Wholster does not work with incremental orders, but rather, real partial paym...
Unfortunately, nothing as of yet, as the conclusion seems to be that there is no web hook solution here.I’m sure you already know, but a partial workaround is to use the product update web hook, and gather the inventory items from this data, however,...
In attempting to keep track of incoming inventory, I registered the below topics, however, upon creating a transfer, no webhook is triggered. The values of the InventoryLevel incoming property does in fact get updated when the transfer is completed i...
Hey Matt,Glad that Wholster looks like a good solution for you.At this point in time, unfortunately we do not have any plans to break this feature off into it's own application.
Hi there!I found this thread, and wanted to let everyone know about our application, called Wholster, which allows for true partial payments to be made on draft orders using the payment terms features.You can check out an overview of how this works h...
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