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It appears that the total, and subtotal are always the same, at the cart level and the cart line level.https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/discounts/combining-discounts/examplesThe documentation here suggests that product discounts are run first follo...
Hey! Thanks for getting back - this still doesn't work for me sadly 
I believe it you’re logged in with a store that already has an app installed it doesn’t display in search results. Could be wrong though!
Hello!A couple of months ago we ran into an odd issue where it looked like the `compareAtAmountPerQuantity` was not being set correctly in the input to a product discount function. Apologies for the terrible screenshot, I'd be happy to provide more s...
Hey folks!Running into an issue where using a shareable URL leads to a 500 error when the basket is empty, but succeeds when an item exists in the cart:  The shareable URL does appear to exist and is created automatically when creating an automatic d...
Thanks Britta!Trust me, I fully understand the frustration here! But applying multiple discounts, which may impact the same line item is truly not a trivial task. I'll try my best to explain why! I speak as someone who has worked on solving this prob...
Sammy from Optizio here. We've built an application which we hope can be the start to solving this problem once and for all!Stacking discounts can in reality be extremely complicated, especially when you think of stacking multiple BXGY discounts that...
Just to add to the topic at hand. If you are implementing cookie-less auth and use { authenticatedFetch } - make sure you use the exact version mentioned in the docs here (https://shopify.dev/tutorials/authenticate-your-app-using-session-tokens) (1.2...
@HunkyBill - Yes that's right, tested extremely thoroughly and agree with your sentiment. I can replicate the issue on my own app, as well as many big production apps, when I block ALL third party cookies (either manually or by browsing in incognito ...
@policenauts1 - we were using the node shopify app cli, with no changes, and the app got rejected (for the same infinite loop issue when there no cookies allowed).
This isn't the issue. I've been sent a screencast by the tester show he/she had been testing in Incognito mode. They failed the submission (again), naming 'SameSite' as the issue (I guarantee this is done correctly).You can validate by visiting https...
Are apps that don't use this method getting rejected? We've had an application rejected because (we believe) the tester was using incognito mode.
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