Whew...I never knew about the Google fields and have a question while I look at updating over 700 items. I sell jewelry and beading patterns. What fields are necessary for for me to fill in? I've got...
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Same over here, very glitchy. Shopify used to have such great customer service. Now, not so much. It's sad really.
It seems all of Shopify is glitching quite badly. I want to publish a new theme, but can't get anything to work. Shopify customer support is getting really bad too, wonderful when I started, now...not so much, can't get any answers. Looking at other ...
My imagination or has Shopify gotten incredibly slow in the past two days? Anybody else having issues?
Thanks for the info, Ivy. Can you tell me which current theme would be most similar to debut? I’ve been using it for years, and really used to it so I’d like some thing similar, thanks.
I'm looking for an app which would allow customers to leave testimonials. I can't do product reviews because I produce one-of-a-kind pieces and once they're sold they come off the website. Does anyone have any suggestions?
What is going on?! Shopify used to be supportive of their customers. Now, I can't seem to get any info on how to contact them when the issue isn't listed. Might be time to look at other platforms, although customer service seems to be disappearing th...
Just got another 48 today. This is getting ridiculous! There NEEDS to be a way we can block someone from creating an account!
It's more complicated than that. I have reCaptcha enabled and it does nothing to prevent these @fakemail.com addresses from subscribing. Furthermore, I use Klaviyo and all these submissions are added to my customer profiles there. Speaking with your ...
Also wondering about the “ cha-ching” notification sound on sales. Not getting it on my 13, but always got it on my 8
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