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Bio: Background: Logistics: Family has owned and operated C.S. Logistics, a 150+ employee courier in Milwaukee, WI, since 1998. UPenn Graduate: I graduate...

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Fascinating blog. Really enjoyed this part: "The 2023 Shopify Plus Commerce Trends Report offers this advice for businesses looking for the fulfillment network of the future. Keep more stock on hand to avoid stock-outs.Find more suppliers to diversif...
I love how Shopify adapts to their customers needs with constant additions to their app: Customize your product collections, descriptions, best sellers, and branding on your Shop Store.Customers will be able to sign in to Shop easier than ever with p...
Another thing to think about is that your website must be fast. The development of advanced technology has made people a bit impatient. Believe it or not, more than 50% of website visitors expect the web page to upload in less than 3 seconds. You won...
Using IMS and PIM allow you to track inventory and SKUs across channels in a very easy and effective. Barcoding your products can also be very efficient and effective in managing your inventory.  Feel free reach out if you have any questions. 
To be honest, that seems "slightly concerning" the 3PL developers would anticipate orders would "duplicate".... We run several different webhooks to order statuses (e.g. mainly for Updates like Delivered & Shipped) but we're always pushing these to o...
Hey Tim, Hopefully you've found a reliable partner by this post! However, in the off chance that you're still in the discovery phase, I'll provide some helpful questions to ask yourself. First, I always recommend to receive as many quotes as possible...
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