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Update: The situation has gotten worse. I have now received multiple scam emails that appear to be from the apps I have downloaded for my Shopify stores. This means that the scammers know what apps I am using, which is a serious security concern.
Hello team, We have encountered some strange behavior from certain customers who have subscribed and sent emails with suspicious content or hacking codes. These emails appear as:  (random characters Sitename (at) data backup store .com) ( please see ...
Hi,Hope you doing well,I'm trying to figure out if my Instagram shopping was rejected or still under review, I recently got the approval for the Facebook shop. When I open Shopify and try to connect to Instagram Shopping its shows " Instagram Shoppin...
Thanks a lot that was making sense.
Hi, Hope you doing well,I have created Google ads in my Shopify, and I have doubt that if I agree to their terms they may show other companies' ads on my website, is that info right? if not why do some sites have these ads? Regards,Salem
Hi again,Email sent to you from : Regards,Salem
Thanks for replying, yes in the footer as shown in the attached screen shot. 
Hi there,Hope you doing well,I want to add TikTok icon to the footer- Shopify- Debut Theme. 
Thanks a lot that worked perfectly Avada team, is there any way I can control the width of the image, I feel that the image is way large in desktop view.
 it's almost there, just wonder if I can extend the length of the image to cover the white area.Please check the attached photo. 
Hi Avada team, We have forwarded you the link to our website. Regards, 
Thanks for replying back Avada team, Can we send you our domain through email?  we would like to keep it private.Regards, 
Hi there, I'm new here and I hope someone can help me.I'm facing an issue with the image I upolaed on my website specifically in the slideshow- Debut Theme.The mobile view is great, but the desktop looks zoomed in and most details missing.Salem
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