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Trying to make a backend custom app using the guide. Created a development store, on the app screen generated a Merchant install link, opened in a browser. After HMAC verification on my webapp s...
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Hello, Trying to query cancelled orders only. They should have non-null values:"cancel_reason" and "cancelled_at" - REST syntax"cancelReason" and "cancelledAt" - GraphiQL syntax First query I tried should return all orders after specified date with n...
The problem is resolved by requesting fulfilment orders information using REST API. It contains product variant ID which is enough to get barcode.
Hello, According to the new fulfilment API I tried to use mutation fulfillmentCreateV2 which requires FulfillmentOrder and FulfillmentOrderLineItem GIDs. To get them by the known order GID I used simple GraphQL request like this:query Order { order...
Hello, I am trying to create a product with few variants and assign them (Harmonized System) HS code and Country of origin. According to this article
I'm sending a POST request to with payload:{"fulfillment": {"location_id": 56908873894, "shipment_status": "ready_for_pickup"}} The result I'm receiving is:...
Never used bulk operations yet. Just tried the one for the documentation in a Shopify GraphiQL App with all permissions allowed and API 2021-04 but it complains:The change you wanted was rejected.Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have ac...
Hello,I want to get all products tags (especially that starts with some text but even in case it's not possible I can loop thru all tags and find tags I need). I found a GraphQL request for this here but this I found a strange problem: the maximum ta...
Thank you for the suggestion Greg!I double-checked the location ID and found it was a bit incorrect. Now it works
Hello,We have an order we want to fulfill but when sending the REST request (according to the API documentation) it returns HTTP/1.1 404 Not FoundThe order:{ "order": { "id": 3147570577586, "email": "", ...
So in reality I need to make 3 queries: one to get ProductVariant GID, InventoryLevel GID and available quantity, second one to update price and last one to adjust quantity available e.g. I need to have 6 qty total, first query returned me 2 availabl...
Hello, Never used GraphQL before and possible doing something wrong. I'm trying to adjust inventory quantity in Shopify from an external source but the quantity does not chanes.Getting product GID:{ productVariants(query: "barcode:4548482860270", f...
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