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We really need this one too! +1
Once it is fully released, I'm hoping to use for our free shipping use case.
Hi, we are sufferring with this issue too. How would you propose a store could (consistently) offer free shipping when the order total is over a certain amount? At the moment, if a discount applies that takes an order back below a threshold, the cust...
Any news on this one? I have the same issue. As this is missing, the only thing I thought of doing was creating a script that would crawl each customer in turn, then get their earliest order and set a "Customer 1st Order" tag against that order. Ther...
I came across this same issue, and for us it was because in theme.liquid, we had {{ content_for_header }} in there twice. It had accidentally happened when moving to a new theme and trying to pull across all app customisations to the new theme. Remov...
+1 We need this for similar reasons to what has already been mentioned.
As you are dealing with cart line items (not products), you do not have access to product attributes directly, but what is detailed at:, the product for a line item can still ...
I'm wrestling with something similar here, but having followed the tutorials ( that seem to use classes for pages, I'm having issues getting this URL parameter as the Router is a h...
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