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Hi everybody, I have a designer menswear business and therefore have many different designer products. Does it help ranking to include the designer name in the Alt text or should I just stic...
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I have a problem with a client who placed 2 separate orders on the same day. Since I am the sole operator of this small online store I handle fulfilment of all orders and when I saw his 2nd order placed, I immediately canceled his first shipping labe...
After  11 frustrating days of dealing with UPS robots and unable to reach a human being, I reached out to Carol Tome the CEO of UPS, Her Customer Relations head person, McKell Stewart said the claims would be paid to Shopify since they are shown as t...
Agreed 100% - Shopify needs to make it easier to change font color - it would ease  their work load in customer support
I received a bill from UPS dated 1/21/2023 with the name of my website and Shopify underneath and my address. I thought this peculiar since I ship UPS via Shopify. The 4 transactions were for "Missing PLD fee". None of the customer names match any of...
I accidentally hit show order fulfilled when paid and now I can't print a shipping label. Is there a way to override this so I can print a label? Thanks for your feedback. Joe
I use PayPal Express for my menswear online store and PP advertises 2.9% commission +.30 a transaction.Recently,I decided to check their fees and the majority of my PP fees are 3.9% and some are 5.5%. I didn't know there were different plans for PP. ...
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