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Please help! I'm trying to get my background video to auto play with an unmute option. Currently it does auto play but with no sound or unmute option. Can anyone fix this for...
Hi guys... I'm having trouble with the formatting on my debut theme, though the problems are only on mobile. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thank you!
Would anyone know how I might go about making the font much bolder, and potentially larger, on the Debut theme and only on the slideshow text? I don't wish to change the theme font.
Anyone have any idea why my site displays the slideshow text incorrectly on mobile platforms and how to fix? Thank you!
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Can you help implement this tonight? I'm happy to pay.
Yes, but as I have it set now one must click the play button. I'd like the video to auto play, which I can do, but when set to auto play there is no option to unmute!
The URL is 
Has anyone found a fix for this?  I'm having the same problem and it looks terribly unprofessional. 
@KetanKumar Thank you!
Can someone please offer help on implementing an unmute button on my video background on Debut theme?  Needs to function on mobile as well.  Thank you!
Thanks!  That worked for me. 
Would anyone be interested in helping me add customer reviews to my debut home page?  Currently reviews are only listed with products but I'd like them to also display on the home page just above the footer.
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