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Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that one and it does not support the new feature.
Hello all.I am trying out the new Combine Discounts feature in Shopify that allows multiple discount codes to combine at checkout. The app I was using to have a discount code box in my shopping cart page does not work with this new feature. Are there...
I am trying to upgrade to the next tier Shopify plan and I get the following message:"Calculated rates from FedEx, UPS®, and other carrier apps are not available on this plan. If you continue, these rates will be removed from your shipping zones and ...
Hi there. As I understand it, we can't use conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager unless we have a Shopify Plus plan which allows you to edit the checkout.liquid  file. Check the message at the top of this article here:
When you receive an order, they only disclose the last 4 digits of the customer card number. If you suspect fraud and try to call the card issuer so they can make a courtesy call to the customer to verify the transaction, they will refuse unless you ...
Almost 4 years later and there is still no way to do this without jumping through overly-complicated hoops. There should be a checkbox next to the variants in the feed to remove it from the channel. Ridiculous that it hasn't been implemented. If you ...
We had someone sign up for our newsletter and then report it as SPAM. Is there a way for us to respond to the SPAM report and have it removed? It obviously wasn't SPAM if the customer typed their email address into our newsletter form.
Hello,I noticed on one of my orders, the customer was in Utah according to Google Analytics in the Geo Location section. When I looked at the transaction in Shopify Payments, it showed the person was in Georgia.Why would there be a discrepancy? If th...
We got the same email about the same webhook.
We have experienced a fraudulent order that Shopify assigned a green risk score where the name registered with the credit card was different than the name entered with the billing address. The address matched, but the name was just different.Why is t...
We are having this issue right now at Came on suddenly. Our collection pages load very slow and some of the images do not load. We get the error page sometimes when clicking through the products or changing the sort options and someti...
We are having the same problem at Support has suggested it could be a problem with our theme, but I don't think so. It happened suddenly. It is good to know you are also having the same problem. HOPEFULLY SUPPORT IS LOOKING INTO THIS!...
This is the problem:Why is Shopify only verifying the postal code on the billing address? It seems this will increase fraud risk to your Shopify stores. We are about to cancel an unrelated order that was approved with no fraud risk but showed wrong r...
We see a red alert on transactions through Shop Pay sometimes, "Billing street address doesn't match credit card's registered address", however the transaction is approved. When we contact the customer, they don't know what the problem is and Shopify...
I am able to purchase a UPS shipping label through Shopify discounted rates, but when I go to create a return label for that same shipment, I only have USPS choices available which are much more expensive.Why is UPS not an option for me when printing...
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