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Hi,Why not just follow the real Shopify standard?in shopify every product or product varient has a unique is called "variant_id": 44736251920649.whenever you have any new order always take the variant id from order line.and then you can map is ...
If you want i can make an simple CURL for this Graph-Ql. curl --silent --location --request POST 'https://**************' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--header 'Authorization: Basic Nm******...
Hi,why not use of admin-graphql. it will give you all closed fulfillment orders for a specific location and for a specific can save the data one time in json and then just save daily result and you can make it.and please use cursor for next ...
Hi,did you try may be you can save the result into a json and save it for further use.
Did you confirmed that this item is assigned to new location. (item which is in order lines).because according to documentation this can create an can use this endpoint just for confirmation
Hi, you can only usemutation addDiscountthen you can add amount or percentage.that's it in shopify.
i think better is you should make it "FULFILLED".this is easy
Deletes an order. Orders that interact with an online gateway can't be deleted.
Hi,you can not UNDO the Refund transactions.its permanent. 
Thanks for getting in touch! If you're looking for archived orders, in REST you could call a GET for example to orders.json?status=closed which would give you a store's orders that show as 'archived' in the Shopify Admin. There's a closed_at timestam...
Hi,please cancel its all fulfillments before closing it though REST API/orders/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/cancel.json
Hi,i will highly recommend you to use Google can hire any one online. social media advertisement or ads are not so good as compare to SEO.Thanks
Hi,just make an sqlite DB in server. and connect your app with it and when ever they tried to login use endpoints from your server and verify need more help?
if i am not wrong then you have to use refund endpoint:if you need help to make an automatic system then you can inform us.
Actually you have to use GRAPHQL. it will give you more orders then 250.but not so many like millions. i will highly recommend you to write an BASH script and run it. automatically it will download all data.if you need help then inform me i will make...
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