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Bio: Producer/engineer for hire for your next Big Hit solution for M365, Office, Teams, SharePoint or Azure. Microsoft MVP (2003 - 2019). Musician, audio/v...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I want to develop a public, standalone app - does it always need to be launched by a Shopify user from the Apps list in their Shopify dashboard? I'm reviewing th...
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For those of you work with Shopify AND use Microsoft 365, where do you find success or pain points trying to use both together? Are there certain Office add-ins or Teams Apps that you find invaluable for sales and product management processes? Are yo...
Ah - perfect, I was hoping it was like that! I'm on my way, thanks again HunkyBill!
Thanks HunkyBill!  The installation part remains a bit confusing.  Let's say my web app supports third-party "add-ins", and I want to develop this as an add-in.  My add-in acquisition process would use Shopify's OAuth process to allow the user to aut...
I've gone through the "Ways To Build" reference and still can't determine which approach to use for a solution I'm considering.  Let's say I own a web app or SaaS that displays email data.  I'd like to use an email address to fetch customer data and ...
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