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Hello. I use the debutify theme, but i have a problem with the products on the slider on front page, but also in general collections. They are being shown in different sizes and so on, how can ...
Hello. I want to build a new site, with the ability for users to drag and drop into a larger basket than normal, instead of the usual "Add to cart". Would this be possible in a shopify theme? &n...
Hello guys and girls. Do anybody know, if it is possible to getting each product page to show a third price, wich should be "Reduced price". So that I have the normal (price) (Compared price) a...
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I know, i want it to check ANY metafield value, but it seems like it does not work anyways. Regarding negative, it seems to not work or understand this ("inventoryQuantity"= -5, equal to "Metafield Integer value"= -5)And it cant match that condition....
Now i did this, but somehow it can not handle negative inventory values.Metafield is type: "Integer"What to change here, to make it work? 
Alright tried that, will test tomorrow, can you check?Also we have a issue when checking for a value for a curtain meta field value, but it seems to check if just one of the variants in the order have that namespace, and another have that key, and an...
Is there an easier way than doing it this way.How to do way no 1 then, as a condition to make sure that the value of variants metafield value is the same as the inventory qty?No eta on the release?
Is there any ETA on that release?I think we will use Run code to do the comparison.Can you help with what inputs, outputs and code i should use here, to make it check if "Variantquantity" is the same as variant metafield "smartpack.po-qty"? 
How is it possible to use a variant metafield value, as the value for a "Variant quantity" condition, that will trigger a action in shopify flows. 
Alright, so far so good, i got it working to "Continue" allow i we got second flow, where i have a Condition, where it needs "Confirm" if "productvariant.inventoryquantity" if equal to a metafield value.There does not seem to be a way...
Hi again man,Last issue Alright so i made it like you recommended, but i can still not find the problem here, as it still say some sh*t with the api is wrong.Once again, it is correctly understood we get the api keys from the shopify private app cor...
The condition was not the problem, the problem was as simple as you had put smartpark and not smartpack.Now everything works.All good mate, thank you so much for the help.
It is running the flow successfully, and i confirmed that it can actually tag when i do the classic way: order / lineItems / variant / metafieldsBut it stops working if i add custom code to that liquid code, like the stuff you sent above.It is like i...
Hi paul,So i tried inputting your code above:{%- for li in order.lineItems -%} {%- for mf in li.variant.metafields -%} {%- if mf.namespace == "smartpark" and mf.key == "expected-date" -%} {{- mf.value -}} {%- endif -%} {%- endfor -%} {%- endfor -%}An...
Seem to have same issue, very strange, is it correct understood that i need to use the api from a private app?  
I see what you mean, but can you be more specific?Does it not have to be a Liquid code when i try to add an order tag?What to do after the / metafields? How am i sure it uses the specfic value from a specfic metafield i tell it.Please if you can be m...
Getting closer, but sadly i still seem to have some issues, do you have an idea?   
I tried putting this liquid for the "add order tags"{% for mf in order.metafields %} {% if mf.namespace == "smartpack" and mf.key == "po-qty" %} {{ mf.value}} {% endif %}{% endfor %}But it is not adding any tag at all.As mentioned, i would like it to...
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