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Bio: I have been working on all corners of Shopify for over 6 years and have pristine knowledge of what does what in the platform. If you benefit from my ...

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Hi guys, has anyone figured out how to send fulfillment events using GraphQL? This is the rest API - https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/shipping-and-fulfillment/fulfillmentevent ...
Hi guys, have you ever wondered how to send out the "Shipment Delivered" email to your buyer and realized you are not able to because your shipping partner doesn't send a delivered status back to Sho...
Hi all. I have developed an app for a client using draft orders api to generate orders for customized products with custom prices. The shop is on WordPress linked with the buybutton API. It was all g...
Hi all, I'm aware that the snippet {% if first_time_accessed %}...{% endif %} can be used in "Additional scripts" to run any html code within it only when the Thank you page works...
Hi.. I'm planning to make an app for merchants to allow their product vendors to upload/manage/ products and view orders of their products. I've come across 3 apps on the Shopify app store - https...
Hi, I'm trying to build a public app where I want the merchants to have simple buttons which when clicked do RESTful calls to my server where backend API stuff happens. This is what I have done ti...
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No. Most likely the shop has been shut down. If the shop is still active, have the owner install the app via this link as you may not have permission.
Hi folks, have any of your clients complained recently that the liquid logic for checking if the order is paid or pending on the thank you page isn't working? I create custom payment solutions using the logic and in the last week about 12-13 of my cl...
Oh yea, you can enforce this by adding a tick mark field on the cart page.
It's very likely the Instagram section needs to be tweaked to suit the new Shopify 2.0 section format. If you're able to go into the code and open the particular section and try to save it, you'll see what's causing this error.
@JeffW it only works if you use "Shopify Payments". It doesn't work for any 3rd party payment gateway.
I couldn't figure out this library when I was building apps. I moved to manual verification using expressjs routes and cryptojs.
What is your issue? Are you not able to install the app or not able to use APIs?
You'll still need API keys to follow through with each store. So, unless you have the merchant install the app you will not have API keys.
Sorry, but this is ridiculously misleading. I'm surprised every time Shopify staff announces something in conjecture with Shopify Payments, they conveniently forget the fact that Shopify merchants come from 100+ country where Shopify Payments isn't s...
@QuirkyDesigner Paypal integration has some restrictions when you're from a country with partially supported currencies (India & INR). The problem with changing your products to US Dollars from IN Rupee is it'll impact your Indian customers and they'...
The old way of installing unlisted public apps has been removed by Shopify.If you want to test your app on a production store, you'll have to duplicate your app and when you're creating the app in Shopify's partner dashboard select "custom app" and u...
@_JCC_  why are the replies rejected?Thanks for getting back. I was told by the support team on chat that my post will be answered eventually (:What you pointed out is exactly the problem.When the customer is logged in on the frontend of the store an...
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