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Hi @KetanKumar here is the store info: Yakima
Hi @KetanKumar thanks! I've uplaoded the asset here: me know if there's anything else I can give you to figure out a solution. Thanks again!
Hi All,I'm trying to align the Text in the Gallery section on my home page in the middle of the image, instead of as a caption at the bottom (example below), ideally with pre-text and Header text.Here is what I currently have and the code I've tried ...
Thanks for any guidance!I'm trying to add an arrow as a CTA button on the home page of a site. I've figured out how to make the background "clear" but can't figure out the best way to add the SVG to the link.Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to ...
For anyone that finds this, the solution for changing the input field color is:  .input.newsletter__input { color:#fff; }
That worked beautifully, thank you! Can you help me with the same issue for the form input? I tried this: newsletter__subheading fs-body-base { color:#fff; } based on your previous suggestion and I must have the class wrong? 
Any ideas? I'm trying to update the font color in my Newsletter section. I was able to update the background photo the way I want it but can't seem to get the colors to change so it's unreadable:Here's what I have right now:div#shopify-section-162671...
I have a pretty decent entry-level understanding of CSS & HTML but none of the guides I've found online have worked for seems like there isn't a lot of customization of the IRA theme happening.I'm trying to add/fix:Logo/background in FooterAd...
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