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Hi all, this is Cassie, I started my shop, SWEET KISSIES BOUTIQUE, almost a year ago and I am struggling to get traffic/sales. I worked on the marketing, the seo, on what keywords to use, but have ye...
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Sorry I don’t know what any of that means. Do I put the code in a certain section of the file? At the beginning in the middle at the end? I can follow directions pretty well, but I don’t really know much about liquid code. So if you could just say wh...
Thanks for the code. But where do I place it? thanks again
Hi, I love the parallax effect on my PRESTIGE theme, but it is not active on mobile. Does anyone know how to change/fix that? Below is the code currently on my site. Thanks in advance! },{"type": "checkbox","id": "show_parallax","label": "Show parall...
Hello, this is Cassie, I too have this issue (missing field aggregateRating). I tried your solution, to copy paste code to the product template. However, I cannot find the product title area to paste the code nxt to. Below is how my code starts (it's...
Where do I go to hide the sticky? Also, it just appeared this morning. I have had this site up and running for the past year and this was never visible. Now it's on my home page. Weird! 
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