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Hi guys I keep randomly getting the error message that some of my products didn't publish to Google because 'Product price doesn't match the price on your product landing page'. They're all products...
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Hey everyone We currently sell to the UK only but are looking to expand to the US. To start with, we will be selling a small subset of the products in the US and would want to show US consumers a totally different homepage, and different blog pages a...
Hey guys I'm having the same problem except that Google is overriding two of our top 5 products and replacing them with the 'Contact Us' page. I found this thread on Google's support, it looks like it is a known issue with no timeline to fix. I guess...
Hey guys, I know there was an issue a few weeks ago where customers weren't able to reach checkout and Shopify said it was due to Google Tag Manager, advised it was fixed and marked it as resolved. However, some of my customers are still having issue...
Hi Trevor Was this ever implemented? ThanksHeather
Hi Dirk I have already integrated Referral Candy with Bold Subscriptions and contacted Referral Candy about the issue and they told me I need to create the discount codes. I'm wondering whether anyone else has had the same issue and managed to find a...
Hi thereI want to start using Referral Candy to give customers a discount for referring their friends. However, I also give customers the option to subscribe using Bold Subscriptions and although Bold integrates with Referral Candy, it doesn't create...
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