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Hi! i have added add to cart button in collection page but when i click on that it ....goes to cart page but i want it to show the cart drawer instead of going to cart page ... Thanks in advance M...
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When trying to start initialize a new theme it throws an error after some time . Here is the error----shopify theme init minus --no-color ╭─error────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╮ │ │ │ Cloning into 'F:/...
How dawn theme does not have the color swatch option in theme setting. It shows only name not the color swatch
you have used condition but i want to access both somthing like this<section> <div> {% for block in section.blocks.image-1 %} <div>{{ block.image-1.settings.text }}</div> {% for block in section.blocks.image-2 %} <div>{{ block.image...
@Mircea_Piturca  how can i call the type-2 block?
@nealm759 no cause every theme has it's own css file
create an new section .... named custom_image.liquid than clear everything and paste this hope this works ... please give a feedback.. copy and paste from here_----------> <section class="parallax-banner parallax-slide slide parallax_effect--{{ sec...
can you give me the code of the section you want to customize in parallax theme
It will be done no problem
Ok....i will answer it here....just need some time i am out of my home... Iwill provide you the ans with in 1 hour...
hi ....It's the code of the slide show of parallax theme ,,,,, i couldn't bring the mobile version image in the page{% comment %} ** Slideshow - dynamic ** - Draggable section - Uses blocks {% endcomment %} {% comment %} Content settings {% endcomme...
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