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Shopify- why do you IGNORE us!? People have been asking for what must be a stupidly simple thing for years. It's seriously a make-or-break for my store right now. I need to be able to either: ...
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So their reply to you is total BS since my settings have those boxes checked off (it's also POS not online) and I am still having this issue. Plus, they haven't even gotten back to me yet after over a week. Sounds like they have NO idea.
Anyone else having problems with Visa Vanilla cards not working at pos checkout? We've taken them for years and now suddenly, none work. Even after veryifying the cards' balance myself.
CAN I just do so with my own already created variants? I don't need or want another way to create options and certainly cannot for all products. I just want to publish variants at a set time in the future.
Hello I am looking for an app/way to have product variants get published online at a set future time with a timer- not just the product itself like the built in timer does. This way, the product page can be viewable in advance of a product release, a...
On Dawn theme- if you have a Featured Collection on your home page, but the products within the collection are not active online channel yet due to a timer to appear later, it leaves a large square photo of a shirt and a price of 19.99$ as placeholde...
Hello, I'm really struggling to find a new theme that meets my needs. We need to be able to display ALL product photos in a neat grid where the 1st photo is larger and the rest are smaller thumbnails with NO slider to have to scroll through. But the ...
Not just lame it's criminal.
Have you read the off site reviews? It sounds like an utter disaster to use. Shopify literally advertised and told me I can sell on ebay for free with Shopify. (except ebay fees), they can't just take it away and not replace it with their own free ap...
Anyone have a good app solution yet? I'm about ready to sue Shopify this is absurd. The first app I tried is garbage and doesn't work at all. And it's like 60$/month vs free like before. There seems to be nothing I can do now.
Haha, no, best case is they RAISE fees only like 10% next year. They can blame 'ebay' all they want but they advertised free ebay integration, THEY need to make a free plugin available themselves, and now. This is on Shopify.
Seriously? How do they get away with this crap! It was advertised to me as list on ebay for free. 
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