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Hello, I would like to know if the product price can be removed from the product page. I would still like it to be displayed in the cart and checkout, etc thank you, DW
my site is wholesaleblocks.com The first and second media for every product page are 2 videos. I would like the 3rd product image to be the one that is displayed on homepage and collections. Right...
This seems like it should be much easier than it actually is... I am placing this in theme.liquid immediately after <head>: <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> I have tri...
Is something like this possible? miniatureconstruction.com is the site
Hello, I would like to hide prices on: -collections that are featured on the homepage -collection pages It would be even more ideal if I could pick specific collections to prevent the price from ...
Here is an example: https://miniatureconstruction.com/collections/miniature-molds Basically, within the theme (Motion) settings, there is only the option to assign a menu to the header, but...
I have followed the instructions that others have posted for other themes, but I am unable to find where the padding and/or margin settings are in the code for my theme - Motion. Can anyone ...
Hello, My site is: miniatureconstruction.com I have 'buy it now' buttons for links to amazon and etsy. The size of these buttons are much smaller than the add to cart button. I...
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Thank you.So I am adding the css class code to another section of code? Will this impact anything else on the site?I added the www. to the part of code with the url, but it is still automatically adding 'https://wholesaleblocks.com/products/' to the ...
So the hyperlink is working now, but it is going to the following page:https://wholesaleblocks.com/products/wholesaleblocks.com/pages/shipping This is the code I have:<a href="wholesaleblocks.com/pages/shipping">*Shipping Billed After Checkout - Clic...
Thank you. I have searched in and cannot find this code anywhere in:'product-sections-template.liquid''product-form.liquid''product-template.liquid' in sections''product-template.liquid' in snippets Is there anything else it could be called?
This is one of my product pages:https://wholesaleblocks.com/products/48-mini-cinder-blocks-on-a-palletMy theme is motionAll product pages will need the same text and hyperlink. I need to link to another page on the sitethank you
I am not seeing a setting to disable this, and am not seeing what in the code needs to be deletedmy site is: wholesaleblocks.comthank you
I'm still having no success with this - every site that has a free tool to confirm that googlebot is allowed to index says that it is being permitted... Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Thank you,I have placed the code as you have said in the theme.liquid file, along with the layouthub.liquid file. The layouthub one is for a page creation app that I have installed. The homepage is not using a custom made page with this app.As I cont...
I see this help page:https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/seo/hide-a-page-from-search-enginesIs there a way to apply code to the entire store and all its pages and images?Is there anything else I can do above and beyond this?Thank y...
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