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We sell items that do not easily fit the Product Categories. We sell items that we do not necessarily ship to the purchaser's home address. When adding an item to a sale in shopify admin (edit a sales order), shopify is not computing the correct tax ...
We want to bundle.  Background: Our bundles will have more than 3 products - up to ten or more. The products in the bundles may have 20 or more variants. Challenge: We have tested a few bundle and kit apps. The concept works, but is ugly. Thumbnails ...
We have customers who purchase items for the benefit of others. The customer may or may not be the beneficiary. We want both the customer and the beneficiary to be customers in Shopify's database, so we can market to both. Is there a way to require t...
Is product metafield data displayed during sales order entry permanently stored or is it always a lookup to the metafield? Example: I warranty a product for 3 years (product.years. integer = 3) and communicate that with the product at sales order. La...
Thank you for the reply. I am learning about "line item properties". Perhaps I need a shopify textbook or another text that provides a coherent high level explanation of the structure of Shopify. My current understanding is that metafields are intend...
Hello,I defined various product metafields. I want to collect product related data from customers as they put items in their cart. I edited the product theme to include a collapsible tab containing dynamic links to metafields. Accordingly, I attached...
Hello Sam,I have tried metafields. Why not use them? I don't think my staff will be able to administer creating and displaying metafields. I've not been able to affix metafields to a sales order and retain metafield information or make it available t...
Hello,We are test driving Shopify. We need custom fields to both "get" data and publish data.  We have tested numerous custom field apps. Typically, app custom fields do not display at the admin sales order, often do not display at the Cart - never d...
Hello,I cannot find a way to display product line item level metafields in Order, Invoice, Shipping or any view other than the product theme view.  Our theme is Dawn 2.0. This seems so fundamental. We are not programmers, so would like to try to keep...
Hello, we would like to make use of Shopify's user facing designs to enable our customers to shop our product and/or enable our sales staff to assist customers with complex purchases. Payment ComplicationsMany of our customers pay 100% up front via c...
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