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Hi all, I'm using the narrative theme, which has a gallery section with 3 column images with text overlay. I've successfully managed to move the text below each image in the gallery. I have also res...
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I can confirm that this solution works perfectly in Dawn 2.0
As I saw that many others seems to have the same issue with the Dawn 2.0 theme, I contacted support who was able to solve the issue. Code changes are needed in main-product.liquid to change the intrinsic size of the thumbnails. On or around line 139:...
Product thumbnails appears blurry in Dawn 2.0. I've updated to the most recent Dawn version, no change. Images are uploaded in 4k. First thumbnail appears sharp. SO does the actual product image. It is only the subsequent thumbnails that are blurry a...
Nobody? Please let me know if you need more information.
I would like to display social links (same as in footer) in the header of the dawn theme. I see the below code is already in the header.liquid file. Doesn't this code mean that the social media icons should be displayed already? They are activated an...
Yes please I also need to be able to change heading and text color.
Thank you so much for your help so far! Do you or anybody else know how to set opacity only on background? Edit: Also I see now that this only works for one page - so displaying container with custom color and opacity only works on one page. On all o...
Haha sorry Opacity was set to zero of course It works as suggested by you. However I notice opacity is set on heading/text as well. Is it possible to target only the background color of the container?
I see I posted the wrong code. This is the code I used to add the slider:{"type": "range","id": "image_banner_container_opacity","min": 0,"max": 100,"step": 5,"unit": "%","label": "t:sections.image-banner.settings.image_banner_container_opacity.label...
I haven't touched the locales file. But no worries I will research this error myself - the heading options still works, it seems it's only the link to the "label" that is broken. Anyways, the next thing I would like to add is the possibility to chang...
{{ 'section-image-banner.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{%- if section.settings.adapt_height_first_image and section.settings.image != blank -%}{%- style -%}@media screen and (max-width: 749px) {#Banner-{{ }}::before,#Banner-{{ sectio...
Ok we're getting closer to a solution! Your code works, but it does create a strange "error" for the Heading:
Thank you for this! However, am I right to assume that this code you provided for the color picker will change the Background color in the actual theme settings? I only want to change the background color of the box in the image banner, and not the b...
Thank you. But this seem incomplete. I would like to add a color picker to the theme editor, and add code that assigns the color chosen in the color picker to the container in the image banner.
I would like to replace the native color scheme drop down with a color picker for the Container in the Image banner section in Dawn Theme. Does anyone know if this is possible, and how to do this? Currently, you tick the "show container" which brings...
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