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I am trying to change the space between the "View All" button on my homepage. I would not like there to be so much space between the bottom of the collection above the button, and the collection below the button. It seems a bit large (especially on m...
@KetanKumar Just turned off the password! Best, Evan
I am using the DEBUT theme. I am trying to get the desktop default collection photo to fit/display correctly automatically on the mobile version of my site. I have tried other solutions for this problem, but cant get them to work.The link to the page...
@KetanKumar Hi Ketan, Its me again LOL...I am trying to add the centered GIF to my Contact page. The GIF is already on the page, just not sure how to center. Any help is much appreciated., Evan.
@KetanKumar Thanks so much!
@KetanKumar I am following this method but I cannot seem to center my GIF logo on the password page. Any help would be greatly appreciated., is there a way to make the GIF larger? Or would I just have to upload a big...
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