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Hi there, I'm a bit of a noob, but trying to make a edit to a piece of code that I got from a tutorial. The tutorial was to add a gift wrapping option on the cart page. I changed the code in order to...
Hi there, I have just launched my site this evening, but would like to add a way for customers to add a personalised message - as the products we are selling are aimed at being gifts. zwparcels.thec...
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Thank you for getting back to me... with that code this is what I end up with.. lots of white space and images duplicated in different sizes.... 
Hi there,Perhaps I should take back the statement I made about being confident my abilities to code, as I'm not able to make this work...Can I confirm, am I supposed to be using the two pieces of code in conjunction? I.e. the below \/ plus the piece ...
Thanks for your quick reply.I tried all of the code examples on that thread but I don't have the same liquid files as I'm using brooklyn Theme.Just to confirm, are you talking about this bit of code that should be added to the theme.css.liquid file? ...
Hi,The images on our collection page are all the ratios that have been uploaded to the product. However, we want shopify to crop them all to square ratio. I have tried following instructions for other themes (I am using Brooklyn), but not working.. e...
Hi UmairA,Don't worry about it - I went for static line of text for now.I didn't particularly want it to be a pop-up like a light box, just for the text to appear if they added two qualifying items to the cart.Thanks for your help anyway!Tom
Hi, I want to make it so that a message displays at the top of the cart page if the customer has added two products with a praticular tag - the message would say that if they add one item to the cart then they would receive a £5 discount. I know I ca...
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