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We have our store configured to auto-fulfill gift cards in the settings, but when we tested purchasing a gift card, no e-mail was received, and I see on the order page that we have to click "Send Gift Card." We are a headless store, are headless stor...
Unfortunately, I don't since I'm calling GraphQL directly. If you take that same route, it's also easier to get the checkout URL from what I had above. It's a field within the Cart object. So no need to call the separate `checkoutUrl` query
Interesting error, I have a feeling it's just not supported with Checkouts yet, for creating a cart with a bundle items this should work:mutation { cartCreate( input: { lines: [ { quantity: 1 merchandiseId: "VA...
Some progress on my end: while it seems we can't add bundles to Checkout objects, we can add them to Cart objects, and then retrieve a Checkout URL... so it seems maybe we're supposed to migrate to using Cart objects for working with bundles?
I'm having the same issue, normal product variants work, but not variants from Bundles, also tried using the latest storefront endpoint but no luck, did you find a solution?
We're seeing the same issue when attempting to checkout with a shipping address that differs from the billing address. We are not using Boxify but we suspect the issues are related. We've been seeing an uptick in checkout errors in the past 2 weeks w...
Hi @casey-customs thanks for the response-- I understand the fields will be unusable eventually, but do you know if it's OK to use them so long as they still exist in the schema (and marked with @deprecated)? I'm wondering if Shopify removes deprecat...
We recently updated the version we use in the GraphQL storefront API from "2021-10" to "2022-10" at the request of an e-mail that stated "One or more of your apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 14 days. Support for this version will be re...
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