I have figured out that my cost per item for a certain product is slightly different. Thus, my Shopify analytics and reports are all miscalculating things like profits, etc. Looking back at my report...
I followed the (very clear!) instructions on customizing my Narrative theme to prompt customers to make a size selection as some were mistakenly adding XS to their cart since it was default selection...
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How does one change the unit pricing structure? For example, we are offering laundry and it's only offering metric and imperial units. I've gotten it down to a "XX/15g" unit pricing but I need to change the "15g" to "load" so it's more like "$XX/load...
This looks amazing! Can you do it for ours? aembr.co
Any update on this? I'm looking to do the same here. @Shopify 
I have candles in my store that sell out within 30-90 seconds upon launch. Customers are frustrated that they have the products in their cart but can't check out fast enough. I want to reserve items for them for 2-5 minutes so they can check out with...
Oops I got it! I didn't upload the files to the assets- yay! Thank you!
No I'm sorry I've tried that and it still doesn't work. Any other ideas?
1. Have to be png or can be jpg? Black is jpg and is working  2. rename files to Caribbean-blue (using dash) to delineate the spacing ?
Thank you for the prompt reply! Yes I can confirm color names match. Do you think spacing (Caribbean Blue, Heather Grey) is the issue? 
I have the Prestige theme and have just figured out the color swatches - but for some reason only one color shows up despite every variant having an attributed color image. How do I fix this so the other image/color swatches show up? 
Thank you for this. How did you get to Product Page?
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