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There is a lag on the number count in my shopping bag. If I add products to the cart and remove them, the number doesn't change until I refresh the screen. The shopping bag count isn't updating in real time. Any help would be appreciated. https://2d2...
Hello, I am testing double digit product quantities in my custom svg shopping bag. I was able to align the number count in the cart properly for single digit quantities, but when adding double digits the numbers aren't in line with the shopping bag. ...
@Dan-From-Ryviu Hi Dan, Thank you for your help! Do you mind showing me how to make the shopping bag smaller in size, so it is inline with the navigation links. I've tried couple of methods and running into a few issues. I have an example below. 
Hello, I need help adding a custom SVG icon to replace the current cart in the header of my website. I found the snippet of the liquid file that the image URL needs to be added to, but not sure where and how to add. Any help? Here is the Liquid file,...
@Spac-es you're awesome, thank you for your time and effort!
@Spac-es That worked, but now the CTA button shrinks in size when clicked. It shrinks to about half it's size and releases back to it's normal state after adding to cart.
Hello, When I click the "Add to Cart" button on the product page, the feedback text collides with the CTA text. The feedback text should say "Adding..." when a product is added to cart. Please see image below for clarity. I need help with this issue....
Hi @Justin-Simesy this is the only button tag on in the file<x-cell ps="center end"><button class="is-blank cartc">{%- render 'global-icon' with 'x' -%}</button></x-cell> I tried to replace it with the code you provided and it turned the Cart's "x" i...
Hello, I need help adding a custom shopping bag SVG to my site. I would like to keep the cart count active, but change out the icon. I added the SVG link details in the header-cart.liquid file, but don't really know where to go from there. I am using...
Hello, I am having issues with the borders on my Collections page only in Mobile View. I can't figure out what I done to create this issue. I have attached an image below for context. If anyone can help, I would certainly appreciate it. The goal is f...
Hello, when I select the search bar on my website, a weird outlined box appears inside of the original search bar box. Also, the placeholder text is not centered. It seems to be aligned to the top of the original search bar box. Can anyone help with ...
Hello, the checkmark inside of the checkbox is not showing up when selected on my filters sections. I've done multiple customizations to my filter, but can't figure out what I did to remove the active checkmark. Any help would be appreciated. https:/...
Hello, I need assistance. I am trying to wrap a specific code in a media query to make "mobile only" customizations. When I try, desktop is affected and other technical issues begin to arise. I am trying to simply move the "filters" title back into t...
Thank you! Worked out perfect.
Hello, I am customizing the filter section on my website and the options for my drop down menu are no longer visible. Can someone help me bring the drop down options back?   https://2d26b3.myshopify.com/collections/allPW: reishi
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