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Hi there! I am wondering if there are any way where and how my customers could manage their Subscriptions? Like change frequency, or unsubscribe? Change credit card which they use for monthly ...
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That why Shopify is a bad platform for developers.
The solution to this is use checkoutTokenAnd it is only available in react extension build at the moment.   let api = useApi(); const checkoutToken = api.checkoutToken.current; 
Any help please?
Hi there.How i can obtain cart token or checkout/cart id inside extension?  import { extension, TextField } from "@shopify/ui-extensions/checkout"; export default extension("purchase.checkout.delivery-address.render-before", async (root, api) => { ...
Btw, for some reason i was not able to receive it via store front api.   function getOTP(query) { return query( `{ shop { name metafield(namespace: "appNameSettings", key: "otp_key") { value } } }` ) .then(({ data }) =>...
On CHECKOUTS_CREATE webhook i need to get OTP (One-Time Password) and use it inside checkout ui. So i have created admin api to register new metafield inside CHECKOUTS_CREATE webhook handle.     export const handleCheckoutLand = async (session, admin...
I was able to create meta field via admin api with ownerId = shop Global ID And i see in checkout UI the value of it. The problem that this value is old. I set this value on webhook CHECKOUTS_CREATE so may be that why the value is old.In checkout-ui ...
Thanks Liam! Appreciate your reply and trying to help me.As I use remix app builder which runs on node server, i already have prisma db client with custom model to save app related custom data. But i am not sure if i have able to retrieve data from d...
I have created shopify app with checkout-ui extension. In extension toml config file i see this by default: [extensions.settings] [[extensions.settings.fields]] key = "banner_title" type = "single_line_text_field" name = "Banner title" description = ...
Damn, thanks man. I really hate Shopify's docs.inside yourAppName/app/routes/webhooks.jsx     case "CHECKOUTS_CREATE": if (session) { const response = await admin.graphql.query({data: ` query { shop { name } }` ...
I am very exited to see that you were able to dev this cool theme. I tested it and indeed the score is just kill all other themes even premium on shopify store. @herve76 Headless theme is a bullshit. You came to the world of Shopify to get all the fe...
Yes, this was my first idea. But this question comes from my client...  
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