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I've just started my store in German language. I currently would like to expand my business in Europe as well, so I set up a theme which was accessible for multi-language. However, when I tried to switch the language, there were several spelling erro...
How to add a review section on my Shopify homepage? I already have product reviews set up on each product but I also like to have a review section on my homepage for customers to leave a generic review. Is this possible? If so how can I do that?
I'm using Product Review app to import reviews to my store. It's simple and clear so customers can easily rate my products. But the problem is the language of all the reviews is in English and I need it to be in French. Does somebody knows how I can ...
Hi guys! I'm looking for some suggestions on a good review app for my store. I've been looking for a few but I like them to have features like importing reviews with photos and customizing review themes. Am I asking for too much? I don't mind spendin...
My store recently has a lot of visitors from Latin countries, and I wonder if there are any apps which can translate my landing page clearly and reliably to support my international customers? 
Hi guys!I've started my store recently, but then I notice that it has slow loading speed. I also apply some page optimization tools but the result has not improved. My page speed is just 27/100.Does anyone have any ideas how I can improve it?
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